SASSA Status Check for R350 Payment Dates 2024

Type Your SASSA ID Number and Phone No. To do a Sassa Status Check.

You can check your SASSA grant status online using your ID card and phone number. Simply access the official portal, enter your details, and stay updated conveniently. This streamlined process allows beneficiaries to track the progress of their grant applications and payments with ease.

R350 SRD Status Check

To Check your SRD status you can use any of these to check your application status as fast as possible.

  • SASSA Status Check for r350 payment dates Online: you can go to this site on the website you need to put your ID number and phone number to check your SRD application status.
  • Moya App: If you have a smartphone you can download the moya app (The Messaging App) and you need to register on the app then you can check your SRD application by giving your ID and Phone number.
  • Call SASSA: You can call them directly with your phone number 0800 601 011 (Standard Charges Will Apply) The SASSA representative will ask you some questions and tell you your SRD Application status on call.

When you check your SRD Application online or anywhere else you will get any of this status for your application.

  1. Approved: If your application meets all the requirements and is now approved by SASSA.
  2. Pending: It means the SRD application is under process and it takes more time to approve.
  3. Rejected: Your application doesn’t meet the basic requirement and it’s Declined By SASSA.
  4. Cancelled: In this case, the application can be canceled by you or can be canceled by SASSA.

SASSA Payment dates r350 In 2024

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of social assistance program payments in South Africa, particularly the SASSA R350 grant, step-by-step instructions on how to check your SASSA R350 payment status and understand the process month by month in the year 2024.

Sassa payment dates r350 January 2024

At the start of 2024, it’s essential to understand how the new year will affect the distribution of the R350 grant. New year, new processes. January might see a surge in applications, or it could be a month where SASSA implements policies that influence payout schedules.

January 2024 date for older persons ( 03/01/2024 ).

January 2024 date for disability grants ( 04/01/2024 ).

January 2024 date for children’s grants ( 05/01/2024 ).

SASSA payment dates r350 February 2024

February can be a tricky month for social grant payouts, largely due to the administrative challenges associated with the new year. Recipients might face unexpected delays, but this isn’t the end of the road.

February 2024 date for older persons ( 02/02/2024 ).

February 2024 date for children’s grants ( 05/02/2024 ).

February 2024 date for children’s grants ( 06/02/2024 ).

SASSA payment dates r350 March 2024

By March, most recipients are acquainted with the routine challenges of the R350 payment system. However, ensuring all your documents are up to date to avoid any complications.

March 2024 date for older persons ( 05/03/2024 ).

March 2024 date for children’s grants ( 06/03/2024 ).

March 2024 date for children’s grants ( 07/03/2024 ).


SASSA Status Check For r350 payment dates 2023 November 

You can check your application online and get confirmed that you are eligible to receive your SASSA SRD funds this month, all applicants can use online and call numbers to remain up to date for the SASSA status check for r350 payment dates for 2023 january, you access these funds on November 30, 2023, this is the official date for the November 2023 payments.

SASSA r350 grant payment date 2023 for November

This is to let you know that SASSA will distribute the R350 payment in November’s first week and then November’s Last now the 30 November is the date when Sassa will distribute payment and those who are qualified and approved for the SRD Program can receive their payment On these dates given below.

Concerned AuthoritySASSA (South African Social Security Agency)
Grant SRD (Social Relief of Distress)
BeneficiariesUnemployed and Deprived
PaymentR350 in Bank Account
Senior Citizen Grant2 November 2023
Disabled People Grant3 November 2023
Children Grant6 November 2023
Payment Date 30 November 2023

SASSA r350 grant payment date 2023 All Months

sassa r350 grant payment date 2023

These are specific dates when you can reach out to SASSA to receive your payments, Although the South African government also said that there is no limit on dates to get your payment if you are granted for SASSA you can get payment whenever you can.

However, all the beneficiaries will get their reward in the month they are granted, So you can do an SASSA status check during this time to confirm your SASSA Payments date.

Just don’t forget you’ll get this financial aid if you are granted for this and if you are not sure and don’t know the status of your application then you can check your SASSA status on this website.

Sassa SRD Status Check for R350 Grant Payment 2024

You have 3 direct ways to do your SASSA SRD Status Check for the R350 Grant Payment 

  1. Goto type your ID and phone number and check
  2. You Can use the Moya App Also For to Check your payment date
  3. If you are still not sure about your grant then you can call them directly by phone on 0800 601 011 but make sure before calling you to gather your ID card number and they can also ask your date of birth in case.

You can do a Sassa status check by going to the SASSA official website. On the website, you need to follow the instructions below to check your application status.

  1. Type your mobile number 
  2. You will get a one-time passcode on your mobile (OTP)
  3. Type your OTP in the box and hit submit to check your status
  4. You will see your application status after submitting your OTP you got.
SASSA Status Check Online

Sassa Status Check on Moya App

If you have a smartphone with a good internet connection you can download the mobile application called MOYA App from Google Play Store after installing the application.

You need to register on the app and then you can do an SASSA Status Check for r350 payment dates On the Moya app by entering your SASSA ID Number and phone number also it can ask for your date of birth to confirm further and then it will show your application status as well as exact date when you can collect your payments. 

SASSA Status check with Moya App

SASSA Status Check on WhatsApp

Without going anywhere you can check your SASSA grant status by WhatsApp easily if you have already installed it on your smartphone. you need to send a WhatsApp message and send your unique information to get your Sassa Grant Status.

Here are steps to check your application status by WhatsApp

  1. Open your WhatsApp app.
  2. Start a new Conversation With this official Number 082 046 8553.
  3. In the beginning you need to choose some options so choose SASSA Status Check Option.
  4. After Choosing the option it will ask you for your NAME, SURNAME, and your South African ID Number
  5. After submitting this information you will get your SRD grant status easily by WhatsApp.

To Check SRD R350 Grant Application Status On Phone Call

Just Open your phone dialer on your mobile

Call this phone number directly

The SASSA Representative will ask you for your ID Number

Tell them your ID Number And Date Of birth and they will tell you your SASSA Grant Status and date for payment collection.

These are 3 working methods to do an SASSA status check and get your SRD Application status from anywhere you want without going anywhere.

SASSA Grant Results / Status Meanings

SASSA Grants results are the status of your application that you have submitted. If you don’t know about the results then you check all the results below that you may see on your SASSA grant after doing a r350 status check.

Result / StatusResults Meaning
PendingIf you see this result then congratulations your application for a social grant is now approved and you will receive it shortly.
ApprovedBy these results, you are notified that your application for a social grant is eligible for approval but need more documents and banking details for the approval.
RejectedYour Application for a social grant is declined and you will never get reward payments. The possible reasons can be discussed directly with SASSA and they can contact you also.
PendingBy these results you are notified that your application for a social grant is eligible for approval but need more documents and banking details for the approval.
Reff InvestigationThe result shows that your payments are already paid.
Pending PaymentIt shows you that your social grant is approved and your payments are pending to send you or you need to receive your payment.
Period DeclinedYour payment is declined for the current month and it will continue to pay you from next month.
PaidResult shows that your payments are already paid.

Apply for Special COVID-19 SRD Grant

It is a Special Social relief grant for COVID-19 because all the small businesses and lower-class families don’t have any options left to make money for food because of the lockdowns and industries closing that way government of South Africa offered this Social Relief grant for the people, here are three ways how you can get Covid-19 relief of distress grant.

1 SASSA Online Application From Official  Website

Simply you can goto the official website here and follow the instructions below to apply.

  • Open the website in your browser
  • You will see registration by typing your ID number and mobile number
  • Now click to send SMS OTP
  • Then you will receive an SMS on your phone with a one-time Passcode
  • Enter the OTP on the website and hit the verify PIN button.

2 Apply the SASSA Application On WhatsApp

You can use the WhatsApp application to apply for a COVID-19 relief of distress grant follow these steps to apply via WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp mobile application 
  • Start conversation with this officially provided number 082 046 8553
  • Automatically Whatsapp will ask you about your Identity, your residency address, income, and your social security benefits.
  • A reference number and a URL with OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Click the URL you receive and type your OTP code.
  • At the end, you will ask for your ID number type and apply.

3 Apply the SASSA Application With ChatBot

If you want to apply for COVID-19 social grant via the official website then follow these steps.

  • Goto to official website
  • Now you’ll find the chat box open it and click for grant R350
  • It will also ask you for your ID number
  • Then it sends you a URL on your phone with instructions
  • You just need to follow instructions and do as they tell you to do
  • You will successfully apply via the official website.

Where to Collect the SASSA Grant Payment?

After approval of your SASSA grant, you are eligible to get your payment and these are some ways to receive your social grant payments.

  1. You can withdraw your social grant payment via ATM if you select your payment method as a bank.
  2. You can get your social grant payments from the local post office (SAPO & Post Bank).
  3. Another option is to collect directly from SASSA Office Cash points.
  4. You can receive your R350 SASSA SRD Grant every month from retail stores like Shoprite.
  5. The final option is mobile money transfer. You can also get your social grant money in your mobile accounts like TymeBank and Capitec.

Types of Sassa Grant 

There are multiple different types of social grants that SASSA offers for the needy citizens of South Africa you can find out below.

  1. Old Age Grant: This social grant is for older persons who are above 60 years of age and they don’t have any source of income to survive. The old age grant is R1,890 every month.
  2. Disability Grant: Who are not physically and mentally fit can get this social grant of R1,890 per month.
  3. Child Support Grant: every child care under the age of 18 can get the grand amount of R460 every month per child.
  4. Foster Care Grant: Parents who take care of children who are given them by court can get a grant amount of R1,050 every month per child. 
  5. Care Dependency Grant: Parents and caregivers who have children with severe disabilities who need permanent care can get a social grant amount of R1,890 per child.
  6. Social Relief of Distress Grant: This Social grant is for those people who are still not qualified for other grants all of above but need the amount for a temporary situation and can get R350 every month.
  7. Grant-in-Aid: Those who get old age and disabilities grants and need more for full-time care can also get R450 more per month.
  8. War Veterans Grant: Those who fought for the country in war and are above 60 years old can receive a grant amount of R19,80

SASSA R350 Grant Eligibility Criteria

Although there are 8 different types of SASSA grant, the SASSA R350 grant criteria is given below.

  • You will get grants only when you are a South African local citizen or have PR and if you are a registered refugee.
  • You have never gotten any unemployment social grant before.
  • To get SASSA R350 you need to be above 18 or below 60 years of age.
  • Never applied for UIF funds before to apply for this grant.
  • Your Financial Status must meet the income and asset criteria.

SASSA Status Updates and Payments

For millions of South Africans, the SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) is a vital lifeline. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for social grants like the R350 Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant has escalated, making accurate r350 status checks and timely payments more important than ever. Understanding how to check your SASSA status and what it indicates can be the difference between receiving much-needed financial support or encountering avoidable delays and complications.

Whether you’re waiting for your application to be processed, struggling with payment issues, or simply want to confirm the current status of your grant, this guide is crafted to lend a hand. It’s tailored to help SASSA beneficiaries, social grant recipients, and welfare support seekers grasp the nuances of SASSA status updates and payments. We’ll cover a variety of scenarios you might encounter and equip you with the knowledge to ensure a smoother process from application to payout.

R350 Grant Status Pending

Understanding the waiting game during R350 grant applications

If you’ve submitted your application for the R350 grant and are wondering what comes next, you’re not alone. The ‘Pending’ status on your R350 application can elicit feelings of uncertainty and impatience. However, this phase is part and parcel of the application processing timeline.

Typically, after submitting your application, SASSA will review the information provided. The pending status simply means that your application is in the queue to be processed. This review could take several weeks, especially considering the high volume of applications received.

To move beyond this stage, ensure you’ve provided all necessary documentation accurately. Double-check that the contact details you’ve shared are up-to-date in case SASSA needs to reach you for any further information.

SASSA Change Bank Details for SRD R350

How to update your bank details for SASSA grants

Changing bank details for your SASSA grant is a crucial step to ensure you receive your payment swiftly and safely. For the SRD R350 grant, here’s how you can manage this:

  1. Visit your nearest SASSA office – this is the conventional but dependable approach. Be sure to bring all the relevant documentation for your bank account, including a stamped bank statement not older than three months and your ID.
  2. Utilize digital channels – SASSA has been driving digital efficiency. You may be able to update your bank details through the online channel, particularly the SASSA app or the official website. Ensure that your device has secure internet connectivity to maintain privacy.

Remember to keep a record of the bank statement submission or digital update confirmation to reference against your future SASSA status.

Check SASSA Reconsideration Status

Navigating SASSA reconsideration for denied applications

If your SASSA application was declined, all hope is not lost. SASSA allows applicants to request a reconsideration of their application, which means asking for their application to be looked at again, usually by a different official.

To check the status of a reconsideration request:

  1. Call or visit an SASSA office – reconfirm that your request has been recorded and ask for an anticipated turnaround time for the reconsideration process.
  2. Utilize digital channels – if possible, track your request through the SASSA app or website. Keep in mind that not all applications have full online tracking capabilities yet, depending on the region.
  3. Be prepared – have any additional evidence or documentation ready that may support your reconsideration request.

SASSA Payment Not Received

Dealing with missing SASSA payments

You’ve checked your SASSA status and it shows ‘Paid’, yet you haven’t received the money. This can be distressing, but stay calm and follow these steps to address the issue:

  1. Confirm the payment date – sometimes, processing delays can push back payment dates.
  2. Check your bank account – ensure that the bank account you provided for the SASSA grant is active and in good standing. Payment issues often stem from closed or inoperative accounts.
  3. Contact SASSA – if the payment does not arrive within a reasonable time frame, get in touch with SASSA for support. Be prepared to provide your ID number and grant reference number for faster assistance.

R350 Application Appeal Status

Getting clarity on your R350 application appeal

If your R350 grant application has been declined and the reconsideration process also yields an unfavorable outcome, you still have the option to appeal. To check the status of your appeal:

  1. Engage SASSA directly – inquire about the progress of your appeal by phone or in person.
  2. Be persistent – appeals can take time, and it’s essential to check in periodically for updates.

Remember, persistence often pays off. Individuals successfully demonstrate their eligibility for the grant through the appeals process, so don’t give up too easily.

SASSA Status Approved But No SMS Received

Understanding the discrepancy between SASSA status and communication

It’s not uncommon to experience a delay between your SASSA status reflecting ‘Approved’ and receiving the SMS notification and payout. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. SASSA processes a high volume of approvals, which may cause system delays in generating notifications.

If you’re anxious about the gap, wait for the confirmed payment date mentioned in your SASSA status or confirmation on the SASSA website or app. These are the most reliable indicators that payment is imminent.

SRD Grant is Active Now Signify Approved

Decoding SASSA notifications indicating active status

The ‘Active’ status for your SRD grant signifies that your application has been approved, and you are in line for payment. Typically, this status should be updated shortly before the scheduled payment date. It’s a positive sign and suggests that SASSA has processed your application successfully.

To be certain your SRD grant is ready for payment, look for any further instructions in your SASSA status or notifications from the agency regarding the payment process, which might include payout dates and methods.

Check if SASSA Approved Your Grant Application

Ensuring clarity on SASSA’s approval process

Receiving official approval from SASSA is a critical step in securing your grant application. It indicates that your application has met the agency’s criteria and is on track for payment. Here’s how to check for approval:

  1. Use the appropriate channels – rely on the SASSA app, website, or contact center to check if your application has been approved.
  2. Follow up on communications – if you haven’t received a formal approval status, be proactive and reach out to investigate the delay. Ensure that the application was processed correctly and that all your details are accurately captured.

How to Collect SASSA SRD Payments

Detailed steps to claim your SASSA SRD payments

Once your SRD status reflects ‘Approved’, the next step is to collect your payment. The payment method could depend on various factors, such as whether you’re a current SASSA recipient or not. Generally, new recipients are paid through bank accounts or post office accounts, while current beneficiaries could use their existing payment channels.

When your status changes to ‘Active’, it’s a clear indicator to expect a payment. Double-check the channels through which you should receive your grant, and be vigilant about the payment date.

Why SASSA Status Failed

Understanding common reasons for SASSA status failures

The most common reasons for failing to move past a ‘Pending’ or ‘In Review’ status are missing documentation, inaccurate information, or not meeting the eligibility criteria. To address a failed status:

  1. Review all correspondence – carefully read any communication you’ve received from SASSA, which typically highlights the reason for the failure.
  2. Correct any issues – if the failure is due to information or documents, make the necessary corrections and resubmit your application or provide the required information as soon as possible.

Why SASSA Status Declined

Exploring potential causes for a SASSA status decline

A declined SASSA status could result from more substantial issues with eligibility or duplications in the system. To address a declined status:

  1. Request feedback – ask SASSA for the specific reasons behind your status decline.
  2. Consider an appeal – if the decision seems unjust, consider the appeals process, which can provide an opportunity to present your case to a review board for reconsideration.

When the SASSA R350 Grant Finalize or End

Be aware of the expiration of your SASSA R350 grant

The SRD R350 grant was initially meant to be a temporary measure. If you’ve been benefitting from this grant, it is vital to stay informed about its end date and prepare accordingly.

Keep an eye on the official SASSA communication channels and your SASSA status for any timeline updates regarding the expiration of the R350 grant. Ensure to explore other financial support options before your grant period ends to prevent an income gap.

Checking Your SASSA Balance

Balancing your SASSA grant payments for clarity and reassurance

Keeping track of your SASSA balance can provide peace of mind and help you anticipate when the next payment might be due. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Register with the SASSA website – if you haven’t already, create an account and log in to check your current grant balances.
  2. Utilize the SASSA app – the mobile app also offers balance-checking features, giving you a snapshot of your grant status.

Regularly review your balances to identify any discrepancies or signs of missed payments and take proactive steps to rectify the situation.

Check your SASSA payment status on Govchat.

Enhancing UX with Govchat for SASSA payment r350 status checks

For an excellent user experience in checking your SASSA payment status, using GovChat with an output language code of EN-US can streamline the process. GovChat is a citizen engagement platform that bridges the gap between administrations and citizens, and the English language output ensures clarity in communication.

By navigating to GovChat and configuring the language to EN-US, follow the intuitive steps to check your SASSA payment status, providing you with a clear response to your query.

Stay proactive in verifying and staying updated with your SASSA status to avoid payment issues and delays. By knowing how to manage different status notifications, you can make sure that you’re not left in the dark about your vital social grant payments.


Checking Sassa Status for R350 Payment

You can check your SASSA SRD status on CHECKSASSA.CO.ZA Using ID and Phone Number, Also you can do an SASSA Status Check for r350 payment dates By Calling SASSA on 0800 601 011.

What is SRD Sassa Social Grant

This is Monthly Aid from the South African Government for African citizens if their financial status falls in the poor category, for physically and mentally disabled, old age senior citizens, and those who fought for the country.

Verifying Sassa Status on Govchat

You can check SASSA Status with your Govchat mobile application and by going to the Govchat website

Understanding the Sassa Means Test

This “MEANS” test is a verification process for the SASSA application to ensure the applicant is eligible for the SASSA Grant.

Sassa Reconsideration Status Check

If your SASSA application is rejected for some reason and you submit it for reconsideration and you wanna check the reconsideration status you go to and check with your SASSA user details.

SASSA R350 Payment Status Inquiry

Goto CHECKSASSA.CO.ZA and type your ID number and Phone number to check your SASSA R350 Payment Status.

Checking SRD Grant Application Status

You can check SRD Grant Application Status By Whatsapp at 082 046 8553, Calling 0800 601 011, or By visiting Official website

What is the SASSA R350 Social Relief Grant

Sassa R350 Socal relief was for people who are financially affected by COVID-19 and need money to survive covid-19.

SASSA Status Tracking

You need to visit the website CHECKSASSA.CO.ZA and type your ID number and phone to track your SASSA status online.

R350 Grant Payment Date Information

You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone with the date when your SASSA application will be approved.

Latest SASSA Official Statement Release

The Latest updates are for 30 November Payment distribution news from SASSA Officials.

November 2023 Sassa R350 Grant Status Check

To do a SASSA Status Check for the R350 grant in November 2023 You can click here and type your ID and Phone Number Information to check your Sassa grant status.  

Applying for a South African Sassa Agency Grant

After you pass the MEANs test you can grant your SASSA status using any of the methods we discussed above By Call, WhatsApp, or With the Official Website here, you will get your current status along with your remaining balance.

Troubleshooting SASSA Grant Status Check Issues

To fix your SASSA application issues you need to contact SASSA directly by call or by visiting the SASSA payment point offices.

The Sassa Verification Process:

It’s quite an easy process if you pass the MEANS test, the verification process is necessary to ensure the applicants are eligible for the SASSA application and its grant.

SASSA Status Approval Timeline

SASSA application approval usually takes almost 60 to 90 days to get approved meanwhile you need to check your SASSA grant status to check if your application gets stuck or in any trouble to get approval.

Obtaining SASSA Status PIN

On the Official website of SASSA, you need to type your phone number and ID number to get the SASSA Status PIN on your mobile phone directly, NOTE: Sometimes it takes time to receive an SMS.

Sassa Reconsideration Portal Exploration

This is the web portal you need to register your account to appeal a reconsideration for your SASSA Application.

SASSA Status Approved – Payment Procedures

When you get the status that your SASSA application is now Approved that means you’ll get your granted payments as soon as possible from any of the above-mentioned methods.

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  1. I didn’t receive any money for January and February. I rely on this money as I can’t work due to health issues. My brother’s disability grant goes towards utilities and rates. Can you please reconsider and assist me? Thank you. Romola Sewcharun

    • Firstly, verify your application status on before reaching out to SASSA via the provided telephone number as instructed on this page.

  2. I’m attempting to check my status, but I’m unable to log in. How can I resolve this issue and access my status?

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  4. I have not received my SASSA R350 payment yet. The payment date is shown as 2nd March 2024, and it indicates that the payment has been approved. However, I have not received any funds.

  5. Hi, I haven’t received my r350 since last year. The status shows approved, but there’s no pay date, it’s showing null. What does this mean? I’m not working, and this situation is causing me a lot of stress.

  6. I kindly request assistance regarding my case number 350, which has been under review since December 2022 up to today, March. I have submitted all required documents, including the affidavit and the Haines report from the Home Affairs department. However, there has been no progress as of yet. The only communication I receive via email is that my issue has been escalated, without any further updates. It has been a considerable amount of time since I submitted all the necessary documents, yet the case remains unresolved after 15 months.

    • Directly Call them via phone number but before this you need to check your status on this page top and then you can tell them the exact issue and the status of your application

  7. I am Nomzamo, and I have not received the R350 grant status since August 2022. Although it shows as approved, there is no pay date indicated (it’s null). What does this mean? I am currently unemployed.

  8. I have not received my grant this month and the status check shows that I was declined due to an alternative source of income being identified. The fact is that the R1800 in my bank account is a loan from a friend to kickstart a small business, which unfortunately has been hindered by the cessation of my grant. Please review my bank statement to see how this money was utilized. It was used to pay for materials from the following suppliers: DIY Hardware, Temu Online Shop, TakeAlot, and Ali’s shop – all of which are my chosen suppliers for my business. I kindly request a reconsideration of your decision.

  9. How can an applicant for an Old Persons grant check the status of their application? This website specifically handles inquiries related to the R350 relief grant.

  10. It seems unjust that one can be denied based on income source even when no funds were deposited, while those with paying jobs receive the R350 meant for the unemployed. The situation appears unfair.

  11. Since 2018, I’ve been without a job. I applied for SRD and have only received payments thrice. Despite appealing, it’s been declined due to a lack of a known income source. I have bank statements as proof that I have no other source of income. I’m in need of assistance. Unfortunately, my relatives are unable to help as they don’t understand why I’m struggling to get aid. When I called the helpline, I was advised to be patient, but it’s challenging to remain calm when I’m dealing with stress and hunger.

  12. I have not been employed for the last decade. Despite attempting various business ventures that have since failed, I now seek to appeal the rejection of my grant to alleviate my situation. Your assistance in guiding me on the next steps would be greatly appreciated.

    • don’t worry you will soon get the payment date just wait few days and come back again check your srd status you will soon get date.

  13. This guide is a lifesaver for anyone needing to check their SASSA status. It’s clear, concise, and covers all the necessary steps and methods available.

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